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Posted Date: 1/4/2012

Nutrisystem Shapes Next-Gen Marketing Program

Pennsylvania-based Nutrisystem turns to Affinnova, Inc., to introduce its next-generation program. Affinnova will help to shape the concept and optimize the message being delivered to consumers.
“Our challenge was to bring a program to market that leveraged our strengths, but would allow us to broaden our consideration across key segments,” says Tony Perlak, senior vice president, Marketing, for Nutrisystem. “By working with Affinnova, we were able to effectively identify the optimal product and messaging attributes needed to accomplish that goal.”
The process began with Affinnova’s innovation platform, which is expected to enable Nutrisystem to collaboratively develop a vast range of potential marketing concepts, including names, key features, benefits and imagery. All told, there were over 73 million concepts to consider, test and evaluate in Nutrisystem’s “innovation space.”
The Affinnova platform asks consumers to choose from sets of competing ideas and then uses a search algorithm to find the ideas with the greatest consumer appeal in a survival-of-the-fittest approach. From Nutrisystem’s original 73 million ideas, four top concepts emerged, revealing what consumers preferred in the way of imagery, key features and benefits and “reasons to believe” — highlighting what offered the greatest opportunity for attracting new consumers. The results were used to formulate the advertising messaging for Nutrisystem’s new program.

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